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Your Value to COA

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Your Gift Will Mean So Much
At COA, not only does more of your donation go directly to needed services, but your donation can be used to obtain federal 'matching funds' which brings up to $5 to the community for every $1 you donate!

Because of our unique position and contracts as stewards of federal dollars, we are able to bring more benefit from your donation than any other agency serving seniors in our community.

COA's Value to the Community

COA touches more than 7,000 individuals annually in Volusia County: 
  • Last year we served 2,860 clients under our grants.  Only 105 of those clients had to be institutionalized which means 96% of those we cared for remained at home.
  • It costs $36,000 to $79,000 for a senior to be institutionalized for a year while COA's average care plan costs $1,800 a year.
  • If COA did not exist and all clients were institutionalized it would cost the community $115,000,000 every year. Yes, that's Millions! 

With the help of our donors, COA adds value to the community.  We have annual giving programs and special events throughout the year that you can support.  Making a donation is quick and easy. Click the link below, to make your donation by credit card.

You can also mail a check to:
Council on Aging of Volusia County
P.O. Box 671
Daytona Beach, FL 32115

For information about donations to COA contact our Finance Department at 386.253.4700, ext. 212

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Registration Number CH1960. The Council on Aging of Volusia County, Inc. does not utilize any professional solicitors; 100% of all contributions are retained by the Council. Council on Aging of Volusia County, Inc., is a Tax Exempt Corporation. The Federal Tax Identification Number is 59-1160221.  Gifts to the Council on Aging are tax deductible under appropriate IRS regulations. Consult your tax or legal advisor for details.