ࡱ> BDA LbjbjWW w>55L ``$\:L|www$H!!wwwww!6w"w sjL0|!!!www!!www|wwww!wwwwwwwww` : EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE 2016 FIRST CALL FOR HELP (211 in Volusia County) 253-0564 (United Way) Limited one-time assistance is available for Food Vouchers, Utility payments, Rent payments and Clothing from the following agencies. Each Agency has its own eligibility requirements. It is recommended to call first if you have any questions. Key: FOOD (F) UTILITIES (U) WATER/ELECTRIC PHONE (PH) RENT (R) MORTGAGE (M) CLOTHING (C) Burial (B) Bus Pass (BP) Dental (D) Prescriptions (P) Shelter (S) American Red Cross (DB Disaster Relief, Shelter 226-1400 Basilica of Saint Paul (DB) (C) 252-5422 Catholic Family Emergency Assistance (DB) (F, U,) -Food Pantry Mon & Wed. 10am 255-6521 Circle of Love Center (Ormond Bch) (F, C) 673-3438 Central Florida Community Development (Mortgage) 258-7520 Daytona Rescue Mission (Holly Hill) (F, C) 252-5570 Epiphany Outreach (Port Orange) (F, U, C) Limited to P.O / S. Daytona 788-4120 Family Crisis Help Center (DB) Transitional Housing for Men Only 252-8618 F.R.O.G. Ministries (C) Edgewater (must dial all digits) 1-386-256-0012 Halifax Urban Ministries (F, U, R, C, Shelter for Men) DB 252-0156 NSB 428-1724 ORMOND 615-1326 PORT OR. 761-2839 Mid-Florida Community Development - (Mortgage) 274-4441 Neighborhood Center (Deland) (F, U, C, Shelter) 734-8120 Jewish Federation of Volusia Flagler Counties (F, C, and limited help with (R) (U) 672-0294 Prince of Peace Social Services - Ormond Beach & Holly Hill only (F, U, C, BP, P) 676-1695 Salvation Army (DB) (F, U, Gas, C, Hot Meal / Shelter) 255-2594 (F, U,) DeLand 738-2406 St. Barnabas Episcopal Church (F, U, R, C, P) DeLand 734-9708 St. Vincent DePaulOur Lady of Hope S. Daytona (F, C, U) Residents S. of Beville Rd only 767-0572 Trinity United Methodist (F, C) DeLand.... 734-4425 United Way 211live.org for a complete Database. VOLUSIA COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES): (F, U, R, Prescription, Dental, Burial DB 254-4675 Financial Help, Bus Pass for Medical Reasons only NSB 423-3309 Help with U Water, & Electric Bills Phone DeLand 736-5956 Deltona/Orange City 775-5204 N:\Sharedocs\wpdocs\General\Emergency Assistance List -  DATE \@ "MM.dd.yy" 02.29.16 DENTIST (Volusia County Health Dept. Daytona 274-0895 Deland 822-6215 (Dental Referral Service 800-422-8338 is a REFERRAL office only. There really is not a reduced rate dentist out there.Cash only! (Faith at Work Ministry (386)734-9708. Our Faith at Work Ministry Committee meets every 2 weeks for approval towards helping with dental. (Medicaid Dentist: Dr. Lloyd Patterson Economy Dentures MEDICAID ONLY 400 S outh Ridgewood Avenue #10B, South Daytona, FL 32119 (386) 761-9681 (Fortune Dental of DeLand Dr. Blank MEDICAID ONLY (386) 740-8282 (Volusia County Human Services Dental 254-4675 Daytona Beach 736-5956 DeLand 775-5204 Orange City 423-3309 New Smyrna Beach /IQR^_ȰnYRJBR>R6/ h ?hgs *h ?h;h; *h ?hgs *h ?h; hhgs(hsd|hgs5B* CJOJQJaJph(hsd|h&N5B* CJOJQJaJph(hsd|hgs>*B* CJOJQJaJph.hsd|h5>*B* CJOJQJ\aJph.hsd|hgs5>*B* CJOJQJ\aJphhgsOJQJ^Jh1hhCe5>*CJ$\aJ$h1hh 5>*CJ$\aJ$hhgs5>*CJ \aJ _W X n' 8Z* j: zJ"$'P^`P- 8Z* j: zJ"$'d^`gd1 AZ* j: zJ"$'d^`gd^$a$ W X [ ] a b c d e g m p r s t u ĺĢumf^S *hhgs5\ *hhgs hhC?&hhT% 5 *hhT% 5 hhT% hT% 5hT%  *hhgs5\ *hhgs hT% >* *hhgs5\ *hhgs *hhgs>*hhgs>* hhgsCJOJQJ^JaJh; *h ?h; *h ?h ? *h ?hgs hhgs   * K { ukud hh`+@hh@R5\hh$Ek5\hh` 5\ *hhgs5\h h5\hhCe5\hhgs56\ *hhgs56\hhgs5\ hhCe h;hCeh;hv5hhv5 hhv hhgs *hhgs$ K {  T xI. ;RZ* j: zJ !"$' d,^ `gdv- 8RZ* j: zJ !$'d,^`gd;- 8RZ* j: z !"$' d,^ `gdv- 8RZ* j: z !"$'J@d,^J`@gdv      7 ; < E S T j x y z { |  . / ü𥒆x hh`+@ hhPhh6 5CJaJhh6 CJaJ *hhgs hh6 h; *h;h;h ? hh;hgs *hhvh hhvhCehhgs5 *hhgs5 hhgs *hhgs. / | sD. ;RZ* j: zJ !"$' d,^` gd-y0 >RZ* j: zJ !"$'J@d,^J`@gd@R- 8RZ* j: z !"$'J@d,^J`@gdP. ;RZ* j: zJ !"$'J@d,^J`@gd6 / I T j m |        # $ E G ּݴ䤜ݍݍֆ{wh; hh;hP hh@b hhPhJ]hgs5hJ]h@R5hJ]hP5hhgs5hhP5 *hh-y *hh-y5 *hh-y hh-y hh@R hhgs hh ? hh` hh&N-  $ f c||M. ;RZ* j: zJ !"$'J@d,^J`@gd&N. ;RZ* j: zJ "$'J@d,^J`@gd-y- 8RZ* j: zJ !$'d,^`gd;& ;RZ* j: zJ !"$'d,gd-yG L M W [ ] f y &'EFJKLUWXYZ]^bc⻴⠙}v ov hh7 hhC?& *hhC?& *hhgshh )5CJaJ hh )hJ] *hhw *hhV hhV hhw hh-y *hhgs5 *hhgs hh@b hhgs hh; *h;h;h;h ?(cdx|MM. ;RZ* j: zJ !"$'d,^`gd@R* 8RZ* j: zJ"$'d,^`. ;RZ* j: zJ !"$'J@d,^J`@gd;* 8RZ* j: zJ"$'J@d,^J`@cdrxz|}~#ACDEFٶ hhZJhhC?&CJaJ hh@R *hhgs *hh`+@ hh`+@ *hhC?& *hhgs hh-yh; *hhgs *hhgs5 *hhC?& hhC?& hhgs hhCe4FHIJLfgklmnx   !")xph` *hh; *hh; *hh; *hh; hh;hT% hh;9 h;9h;h;9>*h hh: *hh' P hhgsh; hh@Rhhj<5CJaJhhj<CJaJhhC?&5CJaJ *hhC?& hhj< hhC?&%x]}S1" 8RZ* j: zJ !$'gd;* 8RZ* j: zJ !$'J@^J`@gd;) 8RZ* j: zJ"$'d,^gd;* 8RZ* j: zJ"$'d,^`. ;RZ* j: zJ !"$' d,^ `gd@R)*KMORSTpqstuxy|}"-.cû혇 h#ch#cCJOJQJ^JaJ hhCe *hhT%  *hhT% 5 *hT% hT% 5hJ]h;5h;h;h;>*h;h;>* hT% 5 h;5hh;5hT% hh; *hh;56/-.m RzJ"$'d,^gdk* 8RZ* j: zJ"$'d,^`+ ;RZ* j: zJ !!$'J^J`gd;" 8RZ* j: zJ !$'gd; cgh|}YZ[tux࿱}k}Yk}Gk}8}hs%j5CJOJQJ^JaJ#h hk5CJOJQJ^JaJ#h h 5CJOJQJ^JaJ# jlhk5CJOJQJ^JaJhk5CJOJQJ^JaJ hk5>*CJOJQJ^JaJ&hkhk5>*CJOJQJ^JaJhkCJOJQJ^JaJh#cCJOJQJ^JaJ%h@CJOJQJ^JaJmHnHu#jhj<CJOJQJU^JaJhj<CJOJQJ^JaJYZ/xyssssssss/ 5RZ* j: zJ"$'h>Ld,]h^>`Lgdk+ 5RZ* j: zJ"$'>Ld,^>`Lgdk/ 5RZ* j: zJ"$'>Ld,]^>`Lgdk xy!/yzIJKLϽtphgs#hkhk5CJOJQJ^JaJ# jlhs%j5CJOJQJ^JaJ&hkhk5>*CJOJQJ^JaJ hk5>*CJOJQJ^JaJ# jlhk5CJOJQJ^JaJ#h hk5CJOJQJ^JaJhk5CJOJQJ^JaJhs%j5CJOJQJ^JaJ+IKL d,/ 5RZ* j: zJ"$'h>Ld,]h^>`Lgdk+ 5R* j: zJ"$'hd,]h^gds%j50P/ =!"#h$%h Dp> 00P:pgs/ =!*"#h$%h Dp^ 2 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~_HmH nH sH tH L`L kNormal1$7$8$H$CJ_HaJmH sH tH DA D Default Paragraph FontRiR  Table Normal4 l4a (k (No List <& < Footnote ReferenceH@H % Balloon TextCJOJQJ^JaJNoN %Balloon Text CharCJOJQJ^JaJPK![Content_Types].xmlN0EH-J@%ǎǢ|ș$زULTB l,3;rØJB+$G]7O٭V$ !)O^rC$y@/yH*񄴽)޵߻UDb`}"qۋJחX^)I`nEp)liV[]1M<OP6r=zgbIguSebORD۫qu gZo~ٺlAplxpT0+[}`jzAV2Fi@qv֬5\|ʜ̭NleXdsjcs7f W+Ն7`g ȘJj|h(KD- dXiJ؇(x$( :;˹! 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