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5 Ways to Keep Stress Under Control

5 Ways to Keep Stress Under Control

Even the most relaxed person you know will inevitably experience stress at some point in their day. In fact, health experts estimate nearly 75 percent of visits to the doctor’s office has a connection to stress.

While different scenarios trigger different levels of stress (and while it’s not possible to entirely omit it from our lives), understanding the signs of impending stressful situations and how best to approach them helps keep both your blood pressure and frustration level low.

From adequate sleep and rest/relaxation techniques to social interaction, efficient time management, and more, crafting a soothing lifestyle can be simple and straight-forward. Here’s how to get started:

1) Know the Signs

Stress rarely materializes out of thin air. Instead, psychologists say there are always catalysts that trigger your feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control. That includes general sadness, physical ailments, financial woes, family concerns, and other factors.

For some, the thought of having to quickly complete tasks that have been put off is enough to present intense and even unbearable worry. Time management experts suggest pre-planning and avoiding procrastination that could create such scenarios.

2) Find Your Focus

Though it may sound easier said than done, health experts contend daily relaxation and meditation are integral to keeping stress levels low. These calming exercises can be performed alone or as part of a group of like-minded individuals.

For instance, our Deltona COA senior center (and our other COA senior centers throughout Volusia County) features tai chi and yoga sessions that can help you focus and maintain a cool and collected demeanor in the face of adversity.

Also important is setting aside time to be grateful. There is a cliché that says: “Many of us spend more time adding up our troubles than counting our blessings.” While legitimately unsavory and potentially-catastrophic situations shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored, it’s important to each day seek and finds the positive aspects of your life.

3) Remove Clutter

The trouble with clutter is that it quickly piles up. Psychologists say both tangible and mental clutter has the potential to smother you — literally and figuratively. Thankfully, there are ways to manage possessions to avoid such situations. For instance, holding a yard sale not only disposes of unused/unwanted items, but it also generates income that can be used for other purposes such as paying bills, going on a vacation, or purchasing gifts for children and grandchildren. When clutter threatens the quality of your life or the life of your loved one, consider contacting COA for help to create an action plan aimed at removing this potential source of stress. Our personal care services can assist with basic housekeeping for those in need.

4) Take Care of Yourself

Motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn was once famously remarked: “Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live.” To fully achieve this goal, we must all make a daily concerted effort to incorporate heightened wellness. That includes healthy eating. At our three dining sites and four COA senior centers/dining sites, you can get a nutritious meal while sharing pleasant conversation with like-minded individuals. And keep the ball of social interaction rolling by participating in one of our many exciting activities. 

5) Stay Active

From Ormond Beach dance classes to NSB Bingo and other games (Mahjong, Bunco), ballroom and line dancing, painting and watercolors, and much more, there’s always something fun and interesting happening. We have locations conveniently spread across Volusia County. Contact us today at 386.253.4700 x 225 to learn more about our programs and events, or simply stop by one of our senior centers for more details.




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