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5 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy and Alert

5 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy and Alert

You may have heard that brain exercises help you remember information and learn new things. While word games (such as crosswords) are of the most popular for helping to keep the mind sharp, there are many other activities for seniors that can achieve the same goal.

In addition, light physical activity contributes to an alert brain. Try these suggestions for a mental and physical workout that can lead to overall improved wellness:

1) Stay in the Know

One of the best ways to keep your mind alert is through daily check-ins regarding news and current events. This information can be gleaned from the newspaper, radio, and television, or online through favorite websites and/or social media.

Keeping up to date in this fashion also provides you with interesting items of conversation. Researchers assert that social interaction at a senior citizen center contributes to a sharper and clearer mind. With three Council on Aging dining sites and four senior center/dining site locations across Volusia County, it’s easy and fun to get involved and stay active.

2) Shake It Up

So-called “neurobic exercises” are designed to heighten all the senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) while incorporating a sixth emotional sense to combat the diminished cognitive effects of aging. These activities should be performed several times throughout the day for maximum results.

Popular neurobic exercises include:

  • brushing teeth or performing other tasks with your non-dominant hand
  • flipping your daily routine (approach tasks in a different order)
  • folding laundry with your eyes closed
  • watching television programs outside your normal interests

Other options include identifying coins in a pocket or purse by touch only, thinking of ten descriptions for everyday items, and trying unfamiliar foods.

3) Take It Easy

Researchers have found that increased levels of stress have detrimental effects on quality of life and the ability to function in a positive and productive manner throughout the day. That’s why it’s wise to reduce stress in your life whenever possible.

Getting in touch with your emotions is a good place to start. Other popular stress relievers include:

  • yoga, meditation, and controlled breathing
  • settling into a warm bathtub
  • scheduled sleep/rest
  • other physical and mental relaxation exercises

Some researchers say caring for a pet is another great way to keep stress levels under control.

4) Explore Favorite Hobbies

Creativity combined with mental and/or physical activities are a recipe for long-lasting memory and stellar cognitive health. The brain is also stimulated by creative activities, such as painting and group games.

Activities at our Ormond Beach senior center (as well as any of our other convenient locations) include mahjong, bunco, bingo, painting/art, music classes, and more. Since overall health includes both mental and physical stimulation, we also offer other programs and events such as yoga, dance, and light physical activity options.

5) Be Mindful of Nutrition

Healthy eating lays the groundwork for improving general wellness. That’s why dieticians stress plans that focus on meals and snacks that include fish, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and oils, and superfoods including antioxidant-rich options. Our three dining sites and four senior centers/dining sites make it easy to get a nutritious meal every day.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always glad to field your inquiries. Even better, stop by one of our convenient Volusia County locations today and take the first step to thinking and feeling better.

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