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A Call For Support

Together, We Can Do This!

A Call For Support


COA is in need of financial support to purchase the following items at various times (we have plenty of one item one week, then an urgent need for it the next):

   Hand Sanitizer Bottles: $120 will purchase 90 bottles (to ensure that Meals on Wheels drivers are supplied with hand sanitizer)

   Paper Towels: $29 for a case of 30 (clients have requested)

   Toilet Paper: $113 for 3 cases of 90 rolls (for clients)


Items needed for Meals on Wheels drivers & COA employees:

   Latex Gloves: $8 for a box of 100

   Protective Goggles: $10.95 for a pack of 2

   Face Masks: $5-$7 each


Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated!

***Funds received will be used for the greatest need at the time of receipt.


Please call 386-253-4700 x215 or mail a check made payable to:

   Council on Aging

   420 Fentress Blvd.,

   Daytona Beach, FL, 32114

or give online by donating here