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Activities for Seniors: Staying Connected through Social Media

Activities for Seniors: Staying Connected through Social Media

For so many, checking your social media pages has become a daily ritual. In fact, it’s hard for most people to go even a few hours without logging into their account on their phone to see the latest updates from their friends and family.

That’s why, it’s not surprising that seniors have become one of the fastest growing demographics on Facebook. Not only is it a good idea for our Volusia County seniors to stay up-to-date on technology, but social media is a great way for seniors to feel connected with others—especially, if they live alone.

Not sure if your aging parents should make their own social media pages? Here are some reasons why social media can do a lot of good for our Daytona Beach seniors.

Get social

The most obvious reason why it would be beneficial for seniors to join a social network is that it makes it easier than ever to stay connected to their family and friends. No matter if you live in a different city, state, or even country, Facebook has given us a way to bring everyone together.

Even if you can’t be at your grandkid’s big game in-person or your sister’s anniversary party, seeing the pictures, posts, and videos on Facebook can help to keep you involved in your family members’ lives—no matter where they live.

Not only can you stay up-to-date with your family and close friends, but Facebook even makes it possible to reconnect with people from your past. Want to know what your old college roommates are up to? Friend them on Facebook! We know how great it feels when someone from your past reaches out to you after a long absence. It’s almost like the separation between you never happened, and you quickly fall back into the way things used to be.

Never miss a discount or promotion

Who doesn’t love a sale? We do, of course, and we know our Port Orange seniors do, too. Your favorite brands, restaurants, and stores update their social media accounts daily, and often include coupons and discounts.

If you follow your favorite companies on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you will find that you will be the first to know about any of their sales or promotions. Not only can you keep up-to-date on all their latest products and news, but you can also use social media to save money at businesses you already shop at.

It allows you to keep your creative juices flowing

You might not always have the chance to attend an art or dance class at our Ormond Beach senior center, but with social media, you don’t need to leave your home to be creative!

Seniors can edit and use filters on their favorite photos to post on Instagram, share a funny video they made of their pets on Facebook, or they can even write a story or news item for their own blog. With all the social media networks that are popping up every day, there is no limit to the ways New Smyrna Beach seniors can stay connected and engaged with others.

Do you have any other social media networks that you want to recommend? Or, any other ways you use social media? Let us know!

Remember that no matter what your age is, everyone needs to be careful about what they post online for the world to see. Always use your best judgement, and if something feels wrong or off, don’t provide your personal information. Stay safe and have fun!

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