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Beat Afternoon Fatigue with This Advice

Beat Afternoon Fatigue with This Advice

Whether you are an early riser or night owl, there comes a time in the day when you may start to feel the effects of fatigue. Much like a cell phone battery must be regularly recharged to retain optimum performance, our bodies require daily downtime in the form of sleep or quiet rest. While you may choose external stimulants (such as caffeine) to achieve this effect, there are many natural options to keep energized and alert throughout the day, including activity, social stimulation, and more.

Read on to learn how adding a few small changes can make a big difference in your energy level.

Set the Stage

Sleep experts recommend slowly turning on lights as you wake up. Rather than one bright blast, senior home care professionals say turning on multiple light sources simulates natural sunrise and cues your body to begin the day.

Eat Well

If you find one or two cups of coffee helpful to get an early boost, be sure to have your coffee with a healthy breakfast. Nutritionists skilled in elderly care recommend adding tree nuts when possible since these foods offer healthy fats, fiber, and protein that can help you quickly fill up following the evening’s fast.

When it’s lunchtime, consider joining us at one of our dining sites or senior centers throughout Volusia County. In addition to a hot nutritious meal. This is also an excellent way to incorporate social interaction.

Snack Smart

For many people, three meals a day aren’t enough. That’s why it’s wise to add small snacks to help you stay focused and feeling well. Along with the previously-mentioned tree nuts, there are many other easy foods you can consume even on the go.

For instance, while chocolate contains caffeine, it also features heart-healthy flavonoids. Dark chocolate is the best option, however, those with lower blood sugar can benefit from the added ingredients in milk chocolate. Follow your doctor's recommendations for your daily diet.

While health experts say water is the ideal beverage choice,  you may look forward to relaxing moments with a hot drink. Green tea has significantly less caffeine than coffee (35 milligrams per serving compared to 200 milligrams) and is laden with antioxidants that contribute to an improved overall health profile.

Other smart selections include whole grains, low-fat cheese, fruit, and high-protein snacks such as yogurt.

Ramp Up Activity

Some people believe the body is a machine. Using that analogy, yours must be regularly exercised to maintain optimum performance. Just as a vehicle that sits unused in a garage for months on end can fall into disrepair, your body needs consistent activity to remain in top shape. Activity can be simple as walking around the block or doing low-impact aerobics from a chair.

In addition, exciting activity options are offered at our Ormond Beach senior center and other COA locations throughout Volusia County. From ballroom and line dancing to controlled movements, such as tai chi and yoga, balance and stability, group walking, and much more, it’s simple and fun to get in your daily activity.

You can access COA senior center activities through our website’s monthly calendars at www.coavolusia.org or visit one of our four COA senior centers today. If you wish to join us for lunch, reservations are required so speak to the center coordinator during your first visit.

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