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Busting Myths and Stereotypes About Aging

Busting Myths and Stereotypes About Aging

You’ve likely heard a lot of rumors and outright lies about the aging process. “Facts” you learned years ago have turned out to be false. The truth is, you’ve probably had some of your most favorite moments later in life.  

As with any stereotype, people pass what they’ve heard from one friend to the next until everyone accepts the ideas as reality. Read on to learn more about common myths, and how you can prove life as an active senior is rewarding and enjoyable.

Aging and Brain Function

While it’s true that you might have friends and/or relatives that have troubles with short-term memory, experts say knowledge capacity depends largely on daily activity. Just as you exercise your body, your mind needs constant stimulation in order to stay sharp.

Card and board games are a great way to promote brain function. You’ll also meet like-minded people who share your same interests. Along with bridge classes, Council on Aging senior centers are the ideal spot to play Mahjong, NSB Bingo, Bunco, and many other games and group interests. See the full calendar on our website (www.coavolusia.org) or contact us at (386) 253-4700 x 225 for more information on events happening at your nearest location.

Aging and Creativity

No one’s sure where this myth got started. The reality is that some of the world’s most loved and respected artists didn’t master their craft (or receive widespread recognition) until their later years. In addition, you know that being creative is something that happens at any age.

The key is to find a space where you can let your creativity flow and share a common interest with friends and loved ones. When you find the nearest Council on Aging location, you can get involved in a variety of creative activities, including painting, ballroom dancing, yoga and meditation, language classes, and more.

Aging and Social Interaction

There’s never a good reason to be lonely. Not when there’s a group of people just like you who like to have fun and learn new things. Humans are social creatures and need personal contact to feel grounded and happy. Think about how you feel after chatting with a good friend or meeting a new neighbor. You could be getting that boost every single day.

When you’re stumped on how to begin getting more social, a good place to start is by getting involved in activities and events at our Ormond Beach senior center or the location nearest to you. See a full calendar of events on our website (www.coavolusia.org).  

In addition, it’s easy to get a nutritious meal when you make reservations to eat at one of our dining sites. Simply call us at (386) 253-4700 x 225 to reserve your spot.

Aging and Opportunity

Some of the most common myths about seniors is that they’re frail, lonely, and can’t be independent. You know that’s just not true! In fact, your life is likely more active today than ever before. With so many fun and exciting opportunities available, you’ll never have a dull moment.

Plus, when you need a helping hand with light housekeeping or other tasks and chores, it’s nice to know that professional senior care is available. This will help make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Now that you’ve learned the facts behind the biggest myths about seniors, the next step is to get involved with activities and events that interest you. At our senior center in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and other locations throughout Volusia County, every week is a fresh chance to learn something new. Browse the event calendar on our website  (www.coavolusia.org) or contact us by phone today at (386) 253-4700 x 225 for more information.

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