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COA's Senior Activity Center in Ormond Beach: Staying Connected Through the Latest Technology

COA's Senior Activity Center in Ormond Beach: Staying Connected Through the Latest Technology

It's hard for anyone to keep up with all the new forms of technology. But let’s face it, technology is the best way for us to stay connected with our family and loved ones, so Council on Aging is here to get you adapted.
Knowing how to work your iPhone or iPad gives you more access to communication, maps on how to get around, and a camera for documenting your new glory days.

It’s a great tool for aging parents to have. Read on to see a few of the benefits keeping up with the latest technologies have.

Stimulates brain function

Anytime you learn something new you are using your brain in a different way, which is great for enhancing cognitive skills. Using your iPhone and iPad to their fullest potential is an effective method to sharpen your mind and stay connected with the outside world.

Another brain-boosting benefit provided by iPhones and iPads is the chance seniors have to awaken their imagination. When they miss one of our COA Senior Activity Center in Ormond Beach's creative classes, they can still explore a new world of technique right from their own home.

These devices hold many games and apps within them, even ones most seniors already know- like solitaire and chess. Although you don’t physically hold the cards, or pieces, you still participate in a healthy brain workout.  

Connects you with family members and friends

We know how hard it is to catch every grandchild’s soccer game, or birthday party, but with the help of your iPhone or iPad you still feel right there with the family. Each phone and tablet provides a FaceTime option which virtually puts you right in the moment- so you still catch the candles being blown out.

Another way to stay socially involved is through your Facebook or Instagram account. These apps allow you to converse with relatives on how their day is going, see pictures from their latest adventure, and even send an invite to an upcoming event you have going on. This way, there is no excuse for you to feel completely out of the loop.

Provides helpful tips and tricks

Whether you drive, walk, or scoot around the town you’ve lived in for years, you may still feel lost at times. When using your iPhone, you will never lose your way again with the map tool. Plug in any location to get accurate foot and car travel directions, and watch your worries fade away.

Having such hectic lives makes it hard to keep track of what appointment is when, and what time you need to take your medication. Forget no longer- your phones and tablets come with a reminder setting that automatically alerts you of what you need to do, or where you need to be.

It’s just down right fun

Aside from all the helpful tools within your iPhone and iPad, there are so many features that help pass the time, teach you new things, and keep you updated on what’s going on in the world. You can play games, take-edit-and upload pictures, talk with friends on Facebook, read news articles, and video chat with loved ones who live far away.  The possibilities are endless once you properly know how to operate your device.

When it comes to certain apps or settings however, remember to always use your better judgement and not upload too personal of content or information. We need to be careful, at any age, on what we put on the internet.

Stop by the COA Senior Activity Center in Ormond Beach for a class on how to operate your iPhones and iPads. Learn the many features on how to enlarge text, work your map, and set alarms. We want to provide you with all the necessary tools - so your connection to friends and family stays strong.

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