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Dining with DeLand Seniors

Dining with DeLand Seniors

It’s all about clean and lean eating for our DeLand seniors!

Fall is coming fast which means comfort foods are on the horizon. Spend the season making your own meals at home, baking with relatives at theirs, or dining out with friends at the COA DeLand Neighborhood Meal Site.

Keep reading for fast and easy ways to stay full and healthy all season long!

 Cooking right at home

There’s no better place to enjoy a meal than in the comfort of your own home- especially if it’s easy to make and even better to taste.

Cooking may not be for everyone, especially as you get older. Look for simple recipes, or pre-cooked meals. Remember, find foods that are low in sodium and sugars. You can always play it safe by opting for gluten-free carbs, vegetables, and proteins like fish or chicken.

…or at friend’s house

What’s better than one chef in the kitchen? Two! Hire one of your friends as your sous chef and get to work.

It always makes things more fun when you have someone to do it with, and the same applies for cooking. When you enjoy making the food you eat, it tastes that much sweeter. Bonus! Cooking with a partner can help save on groceries and provide extra food for the next nights to come!

Checking out the COA DeLand Neighborhood Meal Site

The best part is, Volusia County seniors always have a friendly place to go for a good, nutritious meal.

Council on Aging is extremely grateful for the partnership with the Plymouth Avenue Christian Church in DeLand. This meal site is hub for COA’s DeLand Meals on Wheels deliveries. Each day COA Senior Center DeLand also offers a hot, balanced meal for qualified seniors to dine at our site.

But remember, if you would like to come in for lunch you must make a reservation one week in advance. Please schedule arrangements with your local Senior Neighborhood Meal Site Coordinator. Our meal sites are in most areas of our county. Click here for info on the one near you. We hope to see you there!





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