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Discover What Makes Florida the “Fountain of Youth"

Discover What Makes Florida the “Fountain of Youth"

According to legend, Ponce de Leon discovered Florida while on a 1513 mission to find the Fountain of Youth. Whether or not you believe in the tale, it’s hard to argue that this state provides a wealth of benefits to looking and feeling younger.

For years, individuals have relocated to Florida (or live part of the year here) for health reasons. Some people are even encouraged by doctors to move or visit to maintain their health and clear up health complications.

Whether you live here full-time, part-time, or just visit when you can, there are many ways to stay active and involved. Here’s how you can discover your personal “fountain of youth” in Florida:

Shift Your Mindset

Who says retirement must be boring? With a growing population over 60 years of age, more activities and programs are tailored to seniors than any other age group. That’s why it’s important to shift negative feelings to positive reminders that Florida is geared to and well-suited for an active adult lifestyle.

Regardless of whether you live in a retirement community, there are many ways to get involved and stay active. The Council on Aging has several senior centers and dining areas across Volusia County, where you can enjoy a hot meal with new and existing friends, participate in a favorite activity, and even learn something new! Most programs are free, held at comfortable hours, and don’t require a great deal of travel. 

The bottom line is that how you feel often determines your quality of life. Despite physical and mental ailments, anyone can choose to be happy and upbeat every day.

Interact with Youth

Often viewed as opposites, there are many things the youth can learn from seniors and vice versa. This type of interaction creates powerful social experiences for all parties involved. Young kids learn to better relate to and learn from a different generation, while seniors benefit from the energy of younger people. This combats the isolation often felt by both groups.

Another benefit of this idea is purpose. Kids and teens will be pleasantly surprised when someone shows interest in their ideas and life happenings, while seniors can share their wisdom, insight, and experience.

Some novel activities to spend during this time include mutual storytelling, sorting and decluttering, light physical activity such as yoga and stretching, and more.

Discover Personal Secrets

Have you ever wondered what makes certain people seem younger than they are? The answer is often discovered simply by asking. Genetics surely play a role in outward appearance, but anyone can help themselves feel younger through social interaction, sharing stories, and other activities that stimulate the mind and memory.

Whether it’s going to bed at a certain hour, eating specific foods, or making sure to get certain tasks and errands in, there’s always a good reason why some folks always seem to be happy and healthy, regardless of their physical age.

At the Council on Aging, we’re committed to providing unique programs and activities, and safe and enjoyable dining and relaxation spaces at convenient locations across Volusia County.

Get Involved in the Community

Along with club programs and regular physical activity, you can also lend your knowledge and expertise. This can be insight gleaned from working, hobbies, or other activities. Socializing with others — especially during trying times of physical and/or mental ailment — helps maintain a positive outlook, and makes you feel better about life.

In addition to programs and activities, we offer a variety of services to help improve your quality of life, including personal care, assistance with chores, meal service, legal guidance, and more.

Browse our full line of services to get started, then visit one of our senior centers to get involved in life-enriching programs and functions!

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