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How Technology Benefits Your Overall Health

How Technology Benefits Your Overall Health

You likely rely on some technology to get through the day. From mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) and personal computers to medical care assistance, staying connected with friends and loved ones on social media, and more, it’s hard to imagine a world without tech.

But did you know that advanced technology can actually keep you healthy? Wellness experts say using tech improves memory retention, boosts mood, and makes you a more well-rounded person. Here’s how you can get started with personal technology, or increase your tech use today:

Artificial Intelligence

What sounds like science fiction is actually widely used today. Your smartphone or tablet uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you accomplish tasks. Also, if you’ve used home personal assistants (such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod), you know how easy it can be to search for online information, order products, and more.

Now, healthcare centers have turned to AI to help seniors like you live more independently. That’s because AI includes sensors, talking devices, and other technology that can help you better connect with caregivers and even get emergency care when needed.

Still, AI doesn’t outweigh the benefits of face-to-face personal contact. Psychologists say daily human interaction is essential to overall wellness. It’s easy to catch up with friends and meet new people at our Deltona Senior Center and other COA locations throughout Volusia County. Here, you can play games, join exercise activities, enjoy interesting field trips, and more.


Short for global positioning system, you might have a vehicle with GPS built-in. Of course, your smartphone also has GPS (sometimes called Maps) that helps you get where you need to be without the risk of getting lost.

Knowing you can always find your way home makes it easy to explore new locales and gain new experiences. This improves your quality of life.

Of course, there are times when it’s not possible to get out. As you know, the Central Florida weather is unpredictable. There will also be times when you simply don’t feel like making the trek anywhere. That’s when you can turn to technology to help keep you connected with friends and loved ones. From social media to video chat programs (Skype, Facetime), reaching out is easy.

Exercise and Meditation

You might already play some video games to stay active and keep alert. That might include Nintendo Wii, strategy games, and more. Other online activities also help improve your memory retention. For example, Tetris is a great mental challenge. Trivia games force you to remember facts and photos.

In addition, memory and matching games (such as Mahjong) help keep your mind sharp. Beyond online versions, it’s easy and fun to connect in person with like-minded people who share your interests.

Along with Mahjong, you can get involved in many other activities at our COA locations throughout Volusia County. That includes NSB Bingo, painting, playing music, exercise classes, Ormond Beach dance classes, and many other activities for seniors.

View our website at www.coavolusia.org for more information about all events available to you. Or, contact us by phone at (386) 253-4700 x 225.

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