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Keeping Cool and Calm This Summer: 5 Indoor Activities for Seniors

Keeping Cool and Calm This Summer: 5 Indoor Activities for Seniors

Central Florida’s summer heat is hard to handle for anyone, especially if you’re older. It’s important to stay calm and active throughout the summer, and what better way than through chilled indoor activities?

It’s not always about staying physically active, but also maintaining a healthy mindset. Don’t let the summer heat trick you into doing nothing but watching tv all day!

Keep reading to find out five-suggested brain boosting activities for you or your loved ones to take part in each summer day.

Painting with watercolor acrylics

While some physical movements may seem nearly impossible now that you’ve gotten older, creative activities like painting have little- to no- limitations. Creating in a non-competitive, relaxed environment will enable you to achieve greater personal accomplishments, strengthen your individuality, and even boost your self-esteem.

Take time to sit down with yourself, and enjoy the peace painting brings. Painting is a simple activity that will help distract you from any issues you may deal with.

Conquering Mahjong

Another way for Volusia County seniors to maintain a sharp mind is by playing Mahjong. It’s okay if some of the activities you choose to do aren’t for physical support, because keeping the mind active is just as important.

Mahjong has been around for centuries and is used as a mental workout. So now you can feel good, both inside and out, knowing you’re enhancing brain function in a cool, sheltered environment. 

Practicing yoga

As you age, you notice your balance is not what is used to be. Exercising often is the trick you need to get back on both of your feet- which is why it is so important for elders to keep it up as they age.

The remarkable thing about yoga is, it gives you the balance you once lost- back. With enough practice and patience, you will once again do more things with grandkids and friends. Each yoga class is taught inside an air-conditioned studio with mats so you feel comfortable making progress. Remember, focus on the positives instead of possible set-backs!

Dancing in the ballroom

An activity still as fun and intimate as ever before. Dancing is timeless so there is never a reason to feel inadequate or insecure when moving your feet!

The COA Senior Activity Center in Ormond Beach class does a wonderful job at making sure everyone is having fun and meeting new faces. Don’t worry if it’s humid or raining outside, this indoor session will leave you feeling better than before. The dancing exercise will boost your stamina and memory as you learn new moves and choreography, but don’t put too much pressure on remembering the steps, it’s all about staying active and social! 

Playing bingo

Most people find having a buddy to team up with makes it even easier to stay active. Bingo is a fun activity for anyone at any age, so invite your whole family! Even if they can’t make it, still head down to the hall, you will always have someone to play with.

Reflexes and coordination decline naturally as people age, however games like Bingo help maintain high-levels of hand-eye coordination. And that’s not all, bingo even has the power to accelerate the healing process so you can recuperate from anything you are going through. Join the folks at COA's Senior Activity Center in New Smyrna Beach for bingo on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

We hope you partake in some, or all, of these activities so you can stay cool, and healthy all summer long. Taking action for your physical and mental health will help you cope with life changes.

Always feel free to contact your health care professional for advice on which activities are okay for you to practice.

If you have some activities you know other Volusia County seniors would love, don’t hesitate to share them with us vis email at marketing@coavolusia.com!



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