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Proper Hydration for Any Season

Proper Hydration for Any Season

You already know about the importance of staying hydrated during the summer months. But were you aware that even in the winter you still need to drink plenty of fluids?

Even if you don’t feel like drinking water when it’s cold outside, there are plenty of other options to stay healthy and focused. Hot drinks are one choice. Maybe you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, relaxing afternoon tea, or another beverage throughout the day. Use this advice for simple ways to keep your fluid intake at optimum levels all season long.

Know the Need

You might have heard that your body is made up of mostly water. When you exercise (or just simply by going about your day), you lose water. That’s why drinking fluids throughout the day is so important. Health experts say you should get at least 64 ounces of fluid each day. That’s about eight glasses. Doctors say water is best.

Set a Schedule

If you have access to a smartphone, digital watch, or even regular alarm clock, you can set a reminder every few hours to take a drink. This will help you reach your goals of daily water and fluid intake. Just remember that some drinks hydrate, while others tend to de-hydrate. For instance, your coffee is a diuretic. So is soda. That only means you should drink extra water for each type of these drinks that you choose.

Focus on Wellness

Eating healthy is just one way you can focus on daily wellness. It’s also important to get moving and include social interaction into your routine. You can accomplish both goals at any of our senior centers throughout Volusia County. For example, did you know you can play Bingo in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on a regular basis? That’s just one of our many exciting activities designed to stimulate your mind and boost your mood. We also offer:

  • art classes (watercolor and acrylic)
  • Mahjong and Bunco
  • board and card games (including Bridge)

In addition, you can learn how to use your iPhone or iPad and stay in touch with loved ones. You can also learn how you and/or a loved one can benefit from our senior care services. For a full list of programs and services, see the event calendar on our website (www.coavolusia.org) or call us at (386) 253-4700 x 225.

Stay Active

One great way to remember to get your fluids in each day is by getting and staying active. Even when it’s cold outside, when you move around, you’ll increase your heart rate, which helps with overall wellness. In turn, you’ll feel the need to take more sips of water (or the beverage of your choice). Thankfully, there are many ways to stay in shape, such as:  

  • Ormond Beach dance classes and other dance lessons (line dancing and ballroom)
  • fitness classes (yoga/meditation, balance/stability, walking)
  • group exercise
  • and more

We also host regular off-site events like a day on the Victory Casino Cruise. See a full list of programs on our website (

www.coavolusia.org). You can also call us anytime with your questions at (386) 253-4700 x 225. 

Just because it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up indoors. Contact us today to discover all the fun and exciting ways to make the most out of this season.

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