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The Benefits of Book Club for Volusia County Seniors

The Benefits of Book Club for Volusia County Seniors

You don’t need much to enjoy a good book. Some time and plenty of light are all you need… and maybe some good company, too!

Hosting or joining a book club can double the joys of reading, giving you a chance to bond with likeminded bookworms in the process.

Take a look below to see why book clubs make such a perfect pastime for Volusia County seniors!

It’s a way for you to make new friends

It’s the classic beginning of a million beautiful friendships: a common interest. In this case, your love of literature (or simply your interest in a good book) can help you connect with the people in your community and form meaningful connections that last long after the last page is turned.

Of course, just as good as book clubs are at forging new friendships, they also help you maintain the old ones!

It engages your mind…

You may not be going to school or work every day, but you can still enjoy the intellectual engagement that a book (and the discussion of it) can provide. It’s a natural choice for seniors who are looking for ways to challenge their thinking and spark their imagination… and who doesn’t want that?

… and keeps you on your toes

If you’re like many readers, you love a good book—but it might take you a while to finish it as life’s daily distractions get in the way! But don’t worry. Being part of a book club helps you stay on your toes and dedicate your time to a fixed goal, so that you can keep up with your favorite books and authors with ease.

You’ll get to share your passion

Have you ever been reading a book, only to get to one page or chapter you couldn’t stop thinking about? Fortunately, a book club helps you do more than just think about thrilling page-turners… it lets you gush about them with people who have shared in that same experience.

It’s not all about the books

Book clubs are perfect for literature lovers… but at the end of the day, they’re about more than the books themselves. They’re a celebration of friendship, shared interests, and common ideas and experiences we can’t help but bond over.

If you’re interested in starting a book club, Council on Aging’s local senior centers are a great place to start! Ask around and you just might find—ours is a community is full of book lovers like you!







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