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Travel the World Without Ever Leaving Home

Travel the World Without Ever Leaving Home

Mental health experts assert that travel is an ideal way to keep your mind sharp, improve mood, and enhance overall wellness. However, not everyone has the mobility or other means to incorporate travel into their monthly routines.

Here are ways to experience all the benefits of travel without ever leaving home.

Taste Bud Tours

Everyone has to eat. What better excuse to explore different cultures than by occasionally trying new cuisine? Searching online resources (or the physical phone book) will uncover a variety of novel culinary options in your locale. However, you don’t have to go out to experience new tastes. Many recipe books feature a wealth of ethnic choices.

Lending Libraries

It’s been said that “books are like movies you play in your mind.” In fact, some people prefer books to visual programming because it’s possible to devise your own imagery and understanding.

The Volusia County Public Library System is a good place to start to find interesting reading material. There are several branches across the county. In addition, library cardholders get free access to online platforms such as Freading, Hoopla, and Lynda.com. The latter features video tutorials on a variety of concentrations.

Increasing in popularity are “little libraries.” These are privately-created and maintained structures (typically not much larger than a standard mailbox), where folks can give and take books of interest.

Virtual Reality

Once viewed as a luxury available only to the very wealthy and technologically-savvy, virtual reality is quickly becoming more affordable and user-friendly. Some high schools and colleges have even incorporated its use into many of their lesson plans.

Ease into the virtual reality experience by selecting programs that closely match familiar surroundings. Then, build and expand on this exploration through travel documentaries and “immersion theatre” possibilities.

Other existing technology can also be utilized for home-based travel. That includes programs such as Google Earth and Google Street View, panoramic photos of the world’s cities (available on various imagery platforms), the UNESCO website (a United Nations agency), and through websites such as Wikipedia and others.

Social Interaction

One of the many benefits of living in Central Florida is the cultural diversity all around us. Tourists and locals alike each bring with them a unique and storied past full of exciting experiences and perspectives. Tapping into that knowledge and camaraderie begins with seeking out and participating in welcoming social interaction opportunities.

For instance, we host many activities for seniors at our four senior centers throughout Volusia County. From senior dance, to exercise classes (balance/stability, yoga, walking), board games (plus BINGO and Mahjong), card games (including Bridge), painting/watercolors, and much more, there’s truly something that appeals to every interest.

In addition, hosted day trips are a great way to see a different part of Florida while creating and strengthening the bonds of friendship with like-minded people. Contact the senior center nearest you today with any questions you may have. Visit www.coavolusia.org for a calendar of events.

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