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How do I report the abuse of an elderly person?

Report your concern to the Florida Abuse Hotline (800) 962-2873 immediately.

How do you know when it's time for your loved one to limit or stop driving?

AARP offers a free online seminar called We Need to Talk that will help you determine how to assess your loved ones driving skills and provide tools to help you have this important conversation. Another option is to consult with their doctor. If the doctor is in agreement, they can contact the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles with their concerns. Family members or other concerned individuals may also contact the State Department listed above to report their concerns. This should result in the individual being called in for a re-examination. Florida statutes protect the confidentiality of the reporter and protect them from any civil or criminal action.

How can I receive services if I can't afford to pay?

There are government-subsidized programs available through COA. As the Lead Agency for the Community Care for the Elderly program, potential clients are screened, evaluated, and given a risk assessment score (calculated by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs), and those with the highest scores, most at risk, are served first. Due to the current demand for services and budget cuts statewide, there are waiting lists.